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sunday 2018-12-02

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local: M & T stadium

I have 2 pair of tickets to Ravens games. Section 541, upper end zone row 23, two side-by-side seats; Section 505, upper sideline (on goal line), row 18, two side-by-side seats.

Section 541 is right on the uprights, great "north to south" view of the field and game. 505 is sidelines, right on the goal line, SUNNY SIDE of the stadium, about 1/2 way up (I think it's 34 rows, so 18/34, almost exactly half way up).

First come, first serve, no holding. If you see the tickets listed, I still have them. I erase immediately after someone purchases.

One last thing--THE RAVENS have eliminated paper tickets. All purchases must be sent electronically to you. But it's safer for you, because once you accept them, the Ravens recognize YOU as the owner.

Sunday 12/16, 1:00 Buccaneers (Section 541, $75/pair) (section 505, $90/pair)

Sunday 12/30, 1:00 Browns (Section 541, $75/pair) (section 505, $90/pair)
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