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Landlords beware:Christina Hutchings (Baltimore, Odenton, Ellicott City)

private bath
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RENTER WARNING: Christina Hutchings, age 73 (blonde/gray hair, blue eyes, 5’8”, slightly obese, claims to have lived in 34 countries and claims to have a ragdoll cat that lives with other people and their big dog) is a liar, slob, and a danger to herself and others. Our experience with her began on 4/4/2020 after COVID had begun to shut down the country. She responded to our in-home rental listing presenting as a PHD student whose permanent housing situation had fallen through and she needed to be out of an Airbnb quickly. We accepted her on a month to month basis into our lovely master suite for reduced rent and more than generous grace period with the security deposit assuming she would be a conscientious, clean, and reasonable renter. We could not have been more wrong. She brought to this fully furnished rental an entire storage unit worth of belongings. Given that we live in the home as well, our concerns began with safety issues like not hearing food and water boiling over on the stove as well as daily messes in common spaces. We cleaned our floors, counters, cabinet and drawer handles, and remote controls daily, sometimes more after she used the kitchen and living area. She left trails of butter, sugar, and whole food items wherever she went. Our cats became ill due to these constant messes. After dozens of reminder notes to clean up after herself, she simply began hoarding food, dishes, and garbage in her bedroom upstairs. When approached to sign lease paperwork and finally pay her security deposit, she was belligerent, slurring her speech, making up absurd scenarios about how my partner and I would lose our jobs to COVID and how lucky we were to have her, someone with guaranteed social security income to pay rent. She ran off to her room refusing to acknowledge or sign rental paperwork. She had been with us for 30 days at this point. My partner was able to catch her in a lucid state a few days later, securing the deposit and lease paperwork signature. He immediately issued a 30 day notice that her month-to-month lease would not be renewing after 6/4/2020 and that she would need to find other accommodations after 6/4. The messes continued, including an incident with smeared feces on the OUTSIDE of our main floor toilet. She intentionally ran faucets in her room to waste water and left our oven on hours after use. She could be heard loudly telling people over the phone that we were spying on her. She accused my partner of locking her out of her room, from two floors below, when she locked herself out of her room twice and rather than calling for help, simply started banging on her door and walls until he heard the sounds and ran upstairs to see what was happening. She would hand “wash” our dishes that she had used always leaving food behind or would simply put them back having not washed them at all. When my in-laws came to visit for a weekend, she left the worst mess yet all over our kitchen and refused to clean it for 8 hours. When she finally did after our insistence, she retaliated by leaving our back door wide open with the intent to let our cats escape. We realized this just in time as we found our tabby on the porch. When confronted for this behavior, she appeared altered, under the influence of something, denying being under the influence or having dementia. At this point, she began hiding in her room except to do laundry and pick up her weekly groceries, but she hardly left the house before this. We attempted to get in touch with her emergency contact to express our concerns, but it was a dead number. We contacted social services, the department of aging, our city councilman, and the REACH program. No one could help us and the courts in Maryland are still closed for eviction proceedings. The general consensus of all agencies was that because she could still bathe and feed herself, she would have to escalate to violence so that the police could intervene or move out on her own. We were powerless, living in a nightmare. We installed locks on our garage entrance for safety purposes and our basement apartment to secure our animals and belongings while we were at work. We issued a 14 day notice to expedite her leaving after she endangered us and our pets in this manner. She again retaliated with continued messes and butter smeared all over our carpet. She stayed beyond this 14 day period, with her original lease ending on 6/4/2020. She informed us that movers were arriving on 6/4/ at 10:30 am, our first communication from her in weeks. Then it was 2pm. Movers arrived, but when we attempted to notify her she was incoherent, could barely stand, and slurring her speech. We notified law enforcement who called EMS to the house. She refused transport and evaluation and was left in our home still slurring her speech and barely conscious, or simply acting that way. Another round of phone calls to state agencies to attempt to have her evaluated or set up with someone to advocate for her, demented, drug-addled, or otherwise, but no one would help. To our surprise, movers arrived the following evening and our nightmare finally came to an end. She left a huge mess in our beautiful room as well as a closet and several large boxes full of belongings, pills and rubbish strewn all over the floor, but did hand in her key. No apology for any of it and no explanation, just a feeble continuation of a pathetic act of an old lady with health issues. We wanted to warn the community before, but we needed her out of our home. I am shocked that between the various state agencies that no one was remotely interested in helping us or her. If you find you have been duped by this woman, I am truly sorry and wish you the best of luck. We are warning the community now. Pictures included. This is purely a public service announcement. I am not interested in warnings for next time, sympathy, or retaliation.
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