The Best Sales Job On Craigslist Is Selling Cars! (Baltimore)

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The Best Sales Job On Craigslist Is Selling Cars! 1 thumbnailThe Best Sales Job On Craigslist Is Selling Cars! 2 thumbnailThe Best Sales Job On Craigslist Is Selling Cars! 3 thumbnailThe Best Sales Job On Craigslist Is Selling Cars! 4 thumbnailThe Best Sales Job On Craigslist Is Selling Cars! 5 thumbnailThe Best Sales Job On Craigslist Is Selling Cars! 6 thumbnail
compensation: $40k to $100k
employment type: full-time
job title: Car Sales Consultant
Without question the best sales job on Craigslist is selling cars!

Yes, the industry has gotten a bad reputation for sleazy sales tactics and miserable managers who make life hell. This is true. And as a result, the industry has suffered a 70% annual turnover of employees over the last five years. (See the Annual NADA State of the Industry Report) HOWEVER, the internet is driving changes to this industry that has slid leverage to the customer’s side of the desk, and as a result the industry is being forced (absolutely forced) into a shift away from the old school ways of doing business.

Let me tell you why it is still the best sales job on craigslist:

1. Start a new career and master the skills necessary to make a professional level salary in 90 days.
2. Earn enough in ten months that you could take November / December off (The slow months in the industry) and enjoy the holidays with your family.
3. Move to a new area of the country and be employed in an above average job in seven days. (Perfect for people who like to travel or spend winters down south)
4. Have a job where you have freedom and flexibility to NOT HAVE a boss hovering over you all day long.
5. Enjoy a low-pressure position where your work is in service to others.

I am a college-teacher, turned car dealership trainer and after years of national travel and living out of a suitcase and in hotels, I have retired. I am now conducting business & career coaching online and from my home. I am not exaggerating in my belief that this is THE BEST sales opportunity available today. If you read another thirty seconds, I’ll help you assess if this is a career path for you.

Automotive Sales is a viable career path for you IF:

1. You enjoy walking up to people you don’t know and saying “Hello”.
2. You are the kind of person who understands that when a customer says “No” (they sometimes do) they are rejecting your business proposition, and not you personally.
3. You are entrepreneurial. If you ever imagined that you wanted to own a business, this is a job where you can truly be “a-business-within-a-business”. Understand that your income potential is unlimited, and is limited ONLY by your willingness, or lack of, to let people know that YOU sell cars and that you want to be THEIR salesperson.
4. You intend to work on your professional demeanor and communications skills daily. Sales is a business-communication occupation!
5. You understand that wanting to be comfortable in what you do at work is a self-limiting behavior. Wanting to be and staying comfortable is an acknowledgement that you would prefer to be comfortable than be the best professional that you can be; that being comfortable is more important to you than helping the customer achieve the goal of owning a new car.

In my opinion, automotive sales is NOT a viable career path for you IF:

1. If personal grooming is not a priority for you. (Not a criticism! This is why we get to choose chocolate or vanilla. We all have preferences and personal priorities.)
2. If you want to wear a baseball cap to work. It is unsupported by research that wearing a baseball cap to work makes you more approachable to customers. What would a customer think if they walked into their doctor, lawyer, accountant’s office and that professional was wearing a baseball cap? Dressing professionally is an expression of respect to the customer and to your occupation. I have learned that people who need to wear a baseball cap have set their personal priority of being comfortable above the priorities that need to be met in order to be the very best, the most successful, that they can be.
3. If you won’t purchase and wear business-casual slacks that fit properly.
4. If you want to wear sneakers and not business-dress shoes.
5. If you are not coachable and unwilling to develop your professional skills every day.
6. If you see the job as an opportunity to make a sale vs an opportunity to help someone.

In recruiting sales consultants nearly all dealerships boast about “training available”. I have traveled the country for twenty years and have taught thousands of sales consultants at hundreds of dealerships. What they refer to as training is more akin to an orientation. The training offered in most dealerships becomes an ancillary responsibility of a sales manager who has limited time to coach a new sales consultant. Additionally, the industry has been slow to shift to a more relevant internet-age model. The shift has not kept up with contemporary business practices creating a huge knowledge gap. Consequently, old school industrial age business tactics and strategies continue to be perpetuated. This is primarily why the industry has experienced a high employee turnover.


Many years ago I took the sum-total of the classes I was teaching at the college level and created a car dealership training company. My results are unmatched by ANY resource available to the automotive industry, at ANY cost. I have been successful because I teach business science that, frankly, the automotive industry does not know. I don’t replace the skills of a sales team: I add and update those skill sets. And most importantly, sales consultants who attend my training leave with sales tools that are unknown and unavailable to the industry EXCEPT THROUGH MY TRAINING PROGRAM.

If you are considering a new career in automotive sales, or considering moving to a new dealership:

1. Scan the QR Code above and watch the ENTIRE 8-minute video to see what you need and what you need to know to enjoy the best from an automotive sales career.
2. Understand that as a completer of this training program you will have your own career coach. Athletes, actors, and executives have a coach; you will have one also.
3. Understand also, that this program IS NOT a youtube video. And if it were free, what could it be worth? This is a college-level class that teaches formidable business principles.
4. Pay attention at the end of the video to the “Graduation Gift” sales tools that you will be provided.

One more thing: Unlike nationally known training programs who spend tens-of-thousands of dollars in multi-camera productions and slick web-based training portals, I recorded this class in my office and I am using a learning platform with the sincere intention of making this information and these sales tools AFFORDABLE for anyone. Anyone! Please know that you would be “investing” in your career and sales success, not spending.

If you made it to the end of this craigslist posting you must be serious! Take eight more minutes and watch the video and then feel free to call or email me. I wish you continued success!

  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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