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For your next piano tuning the technician you want to call is Peter Kuhn. Peter is a qualified piano tuner and piano repair technician. He is certified by the "American School of Piano Tuning" in the art of piano tuning and repair.
He has been tuning string instruments for many many years. His passion for music shows in his work. When asked what is the toughest part of tuning a piano. He will tell you:
"It is the 6th & 7th octave. The treble end of the piano is the toughest because the high notes don't sustain like the lower ones do. It is much more difficult to hear the proper pitch of the treble section than it is of the lower octaves. The treble is where I spend a great portion of my time adjusting. Where some tuners leave off I begin. I once heard a tuner say: "Just get it close. Musicians don't play that high anyway."
Close is for parallel parking not piano tuning. The people I admire the most are musicians. They spend countless hours practicing and preparing to entertain an audience. Don't they deserve the best? Know this; a beginner playing an out-of-tune piano will ruin their ear. They will get use to the wrong pitch, and once that gets set to their ear it will be very difficult to get their ear properly trained."

Well, there you have it. Peter will not only give you special care and service of your piano, he also cares about the musician. He knows this because he is a musician himself. Isn't that what it is all about!

Call for an appointment for tuning, repair & appraisals: 443-eight 64-eight eight 68

Servicing the Baltimore, Virgina, DC area

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