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RE:re: What will it take... (Everywhere) (PASADENA)

Thank you for taking the time to post, even if I do not agree with you.

All we expect is for people to take care of themselves. Do whatever it takes to go get a job, just like we all did!

I'm sorry, does that sound racist? City residents have the same schools we have. Why not attend them?

Every single problem within the Black community is caused by greed or fear....

This "old White man" left home well before you did, left my home area to find a job(no one wanted to hire a "long haired hippy"-so I CUT IT) and succeeded in being able to raise a family. Is it too much to expect everyone else do do what it takes as well? 100 years ago, those that did not work, starved. That is not racist, nor does society care if you are rich or work, no money, no food.

What is so difficult about this? It's your turn at life right now! Waiting for someone else to fix your situation is throwing away years of your own's YOUR TURN, do something with it!

Otherwise, I pity your elder years because I fear you and hose choosing your path will be angry, bitter and self-loathing at wasting your turn......and the sad part is that no one else will care...they will be too busy taking their turn to worry that you wasted yours.

Of course maybe it's easier to find fault is someone else?? Blame them for others too short-sighted to improve their own situation? Okay, it's all my fault......the burning question remains though.......what are you going to do to fix it? Frankly, it's not even my problem, is it? Nobody got killed in my community, ever!
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