Rave: Mr. Brant Jean. ! (City taxpayer living in surburbs !)

Wish I was like Mr. Brant Jean. Actually I wish everyone was like Mr. Brant Jean. Sure 99% of people reading are asking who is Mr. Brant Jean ? Not your fault you don't know, have to blame it on media and others that constantly play the race card these days. Let me tell you the whole story of the white female police officer in Dallas who shot and killed an innocent black man in his own apartment after she entered mistakenly. See now you know what I'm talking about. The innocent black man actually had a name Botham Jean, the police officer is named Amber Guyger. Officer Guyger was just convicted of murder and sentenced to 10 years. At hearing Brant Jean the younger brother of victim Jean addressed the court and told defendant Ms. Guyger that he forgave her. He then embraced her in the courtroom. What a fantastic moment. Yes, forgiveness is a beautiful thing. I know a lot of people including myself who no longer speak to certain relatives because of some very minor issues like they insulted us at a family function, felt siblings weren't doing their share caring for our elderly parents or felt slighted in our inheritance. No, I'm not Mr. Brant Jean and very few are actually like him. But I can learn from him. He inspired me to call my older brother who resides in Boston last night whom I haven't spoken to in over 5 years because we had a minor disagreement at Christmas. We didn't talk long, but I was able to tell him I apologize for my behavior and certainly forgive him for his actions. Won't be best of friends, but at least we're talking. Thanx Mr. Brant Jean for being that special human being and may your family heal. Yes, I know Brant that certain days of the year for the rest of your life you will remember Jean. The wounds heal but they always leave a scar for our lifetimes. God Bless !
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