fer public. favorita SPECIALIST IN REAL ESTATE, CONSTRUCTION, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, ETC. (metroBaltimore (regional/national work)) oculta aquesta publicació mstrar

I'm looking for part-time or full-time work, in an employer-employee relationship,
or part-time work as an independent contractor / adviser / consultant, in one or more
of the following areas in which I have considerable knowledge and experience:

__ Real Estate transactions, deals, etc. (residential or commercial)

__ Construction project turnaround and management and construction
operations management

__ Business Management (at all stages, from start-up through operations, and
through any crisis situation, including rescue, stabilization, turnaround and
expansion), acquisition of other businesses, and mass marketing

__ Court case management and general litigation support

__ Legal analysis, business document preparation, and related work

Extremely reliable and thorough. High quality work for reasonable compensation package.

Respond with specific info about what you want or need done, and type into your reply
your direct e-mail address and phone number.

Please comply with the following:

__ NO one-liners or "have a job for you" or similar robotic, pro forma,
boilerplate, etc., responses

__ NO requests to post ads for you or do other low-IQ work better suited
for mouth-breathing window-lickers

__ NO requests to do anything on a straight commission or deferred
payment basis

__ NO compensation offers such as "you can earn up to...."
(provide the actual range, from minimum to maximum(if any),
by the hour, day, week or month))

Serious inquiries only, from people with real jobs, projects or work to be done,
requiring my considerable levels of knowledge, experience, talents, etc., for
reasonable market rate compensation for such work.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter.
  • pots contactar amb el propietari de l'anunci si estàs oferint feina o ets responsable de contractació. Només empreses. Si ets un intermediari, si us plau, no contactis amb l'anunciant.
  • NO contacteu amb mi per oferir serveis o ofertes no demanades

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