Male Congo African Grey

Sweet male African Grey 5 years old
Hello I have a male african grey available for rehoming. I rescued him a few months ago from a horrible situation. He is a plucker but has grown back a lot of his feathers since he's been here. I had to pay a huge fee in order to rescue him but I'm not asking no where near as much as I paid. I just want him to go to a good home. The home needs to be experienced with African Greys or large parrots in general. I was also told that he was able to fertilize a females eggs that he used to live with. So he may make a good breeder as long as he's cared for. He's very scared at first it took over a month for him to come out of his cage when I first got him. As do all african grays do he'll bite if he's scared. He's very sweet once you get to know him and he says soooooo many things. He actually speaks english and Arabic. He needs a home that's quieter than mine. I have children and the originally owner told me he was good with children. Which he is, but the noise and stress level is high and I don't have a separate room for him to decompress away from my other birds and children. I'm hoping someone will come forward that will love him and take extra good care of him. He will make someone a really good friend. Bc of his abusive past he's really scared of sheets/blankets he usually whistles when he's scared. He does know how to step up but like all grays he will take a while to trust you. I am asking $1700 for him, he'll come with a small cage to travel in and a bag of his food. Please reach out to me if you're interested in adopting him. He is located in the Maryland area. I am also willing to drive halfway or drop off within reason.

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