February 2020 UBE Bar Exam Tutor MPT MBE MEE With Many Recommendations

I know that studying for the Bar exam can be quite grueling and very stressful, but with the proper preparation and practice, the Bar exam can be conquered and I look forward to helping you conquer it!

I worked for BarBri for 4 years, passed my NY and NJ Bar exams on the first try, have successfully tutored over 175 students for the February 2013 through July 2019 UBE from such states as NY, NJ, MA, WA, UT, CO, NC, and DE Bar exams as well as state specific Bar exams such as PA, FLA, TX, VA and CA. I have also mentored first year law students in exam writing and issue spotting at an ABA top 50 law school, and tutored prospective law school students for their LSAT exams.

I offer three very unique and stylized tutoring services, geared to each portion of the exam. I am able to combine the cost of multiple programs if that is what an individual student seeks, or I am willing to work with a student on only one of the three areas listed below. I tend to keep the number of students that I tutor to a minimum, so as to give the most individualized attention to all that I work with. Working with a smaller group of individuals translates to a more enjoyable and fruitful relationship with the tutor and benefits us both. I am very passionate about tutoring for this exam, I enjoy working with all of my students in an effort to help them achieve success.

My students can reach me 7 days a week, from 7:30 am EST through 10 pm EST by email or phone. Tutoring sessions are held either (1) in person, (2) via Skype or, (3) via FaceTime. Below is an outline of the three tutoring programs offered. I have adapted my courses from the various BarBri courses that I utilized when preparing for my exam, including the Essay Writing Add on Course, the MBE Add on Course, the MPT course as well as my extensive tutoring experience. I have also incorporated elements of other programs, including my own effective methodology!

**** Myriad letters of recommendation are available upon request! I can also provide contact numbers for you to call and speak to former students for their positive thoughts of my former work together with them. ****

Essay Writing Tips and Techniques Program - (MEE Essays) -

The structure of this tutoring program is as follows. Our first few sessions are based on the stylistic approach that you as an individual writer employs, as well as condensing the tested material into a concise, and well-rounded essay. We go through your writing style, and most importantly, break down the style that the Bar examiners want to see. These techniques will be used for all essays there on out. The next few sessions involve a unique approach to best answer any potential bar examination question given to you on the date of the exam.

We cover proper issue spotting and writing issue statements, as well as the tricks used to attain the "easy" points on all issue, rule, analysis, and conclusory paragraphs. Other techniques, such as "buzzwording", "it should be noted" and other easy point tricks are emphasized.

The last few sessions are based on a proper timing technique. The emphasis of these timing sessions is to ensure that you know how to breakdown each essay based on the time you are given, and how to micromanage each part of every issue based on timing. Everyone has an issue with timing and we slowly and methodically work through your unique timing issues. We also discuss what to do if running out of time to garner at least some credit in each issue on an essay, and best organize your issues and essays to maximize points.

It is my goal that by the end of our sessions and with ample time before the exam, you will have a command of the approach needed to answer any question given to you on the exam.

The essays that I provide to you are previously released essays. The essays will be based on subject matter you are either struggling with, or have already studied in great detail. For example, I will not provide you with a question based solely on corporations and secured transactions if you have not studied either of these two sets of material, as that would render each session pointless, and likely cause you unneeded stress. Rather, we will work on essays with subject matters that you feel comfortable with.

I will grade your essay and within 24 hours of your submission, provide you with your graded essay and a model essay. Our subsequent review session will of course be based entirely on your schedule and availability. Each review session should last approximately 60-75 minutes, and will cover not only the substantive portion of the essay, but also the stylistic approach mentioned above.

*** We will also address any substantive questions or concerns that you may have on any bar exam topic. *** This is a crucial part of our work together. I want to make sure you move through each subject on our schedule having had any and all substantive questions answered.

MPT Tutoring Program --

Two MPT's now make up part of the UBE, and many people tend to overlook this crucial part of the exam. Individuals who have little to no experience in drafting memos, briefs, letters to clients, and other forms of legal work product find this portion of the exam quite difficult. The MPT can easily be conquered, in fact, I posit that the MPT is the easiest part of the bar exam when you understand the procedure for drafting an MPT! That is all the MPT is, procedure! The substantive facts and law are given to you, no need to memorize anything!

We begin with an MPT lecture going through an actual MPT step by step, slowly and methodically, explaining everything from organization, to structure, to the proper outline technique, and of course, time management.

We will go over each type of MPT (2 major types including analytical and fact gathering, and the 3-4 minor versions of each of the major types) and practice outlining and drafting a proper MPT. The MPT's will be submitted and graded in similar fashion to the essay program. You will have CONFIDENCE in your MPT drafting with weeks to go before the exam. Putting this area of the exam "to bed" early allows you to focus on final substantive law memorization, and practice MBE and Essay questions.

MBE Tutoring Program --

Let's face it, many of us detest multiple choice questions. They can be strenuous, and cause us unneeded stress during our preparation for the exam, and during the exam itself. The MBE tests the prospective attorneys in such a way that mastering the forms of the questions can be mastered.

I would submit sets of questions to you, (over 550+ questions over the course of our work together) and you would submit your answers to me. I would grade the answers, and come up with a chart/graph based on the areas of each MBE subject that you are strongest in and of course, weakest in, and we would hone in on those particular areas and work through the questions so that you can see the common patterns tested. Everyone has 1-2 weak (and easy!) areas within each of the 7 MBE subjects, and you need someone to point out these weak areas and walk you through them substantively!

Weekly progress reports are then submitted to you, so that you can see the areas you are weakest in, the material that we have covered, and the next week's assignments geared toward those weak areas. We also look to the procedural aspects of the MBE - specifically WHY you are getting certain questions incorrect and learn to spot patterns so the same mistakes are not repeated come exam day.

I must stress that your prospective participation in these tutoring programs is NOT a guarantee that you will pass the Bar exam. No Bar tutoring or training program can guarantee such results. I am confident however, that with the proper preparation, and the proper amount of practice, while utilizing the skills we go over in our sessions, you will achieve the results you desire. The Bar exam can be passed, many people pass each time it is offered, and it comes down to discipline and the proper techniques, along with memorization of the substantive law.

Kindly advise if you have any further questions or wish to see references, and I look forward to scheduling an initial telephone consultation with you to get an idea of who you are as a person and as a student, understand what it is you are seeking or having trouble with, and propose my strategy that is individualized to suit your needs as well as go over the fees associated with my programs. I look forward to working with you and helping you pass the UBE Bar examination!
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