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N Howard x Madison at Tyson x Read

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Simon got out of the house and flew away so quickly that I wasn't able to tell the direction that he took. I walked up and down the streets for blocks around here. I called his name and carried treats, but I don't even know if I was anywhere near him. Unfortunately, I have been so depressed over his loss that I have not even been able to deal with the things that I needed to do to get him back. If you or someone you know has found a green male eclectus parrot, please call or text me at affichez coordonnées .
If you have found him, you will know that it is Simon if he talks for you. Among the things he says most often are, "Hello Simon, Step up, and Birdy Bird." If you see or hear him outside, he might fly away if you try to catch him. Text me and I will come. He was in the habit of flying to me when I called, although he wouldn't fly to any one else. Although I feel hopeless about getting him back, I haven't given up completely. I am grateful to those who have responded to this ad with good advice, yet it is really painful to hear from them because I get my hopes up that he has been found, and then find it is someone giving advice.
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