ONKYO Model 160 Speakers 80 Watts - $40

Here's a great review of these awesome speakers:

In my opinion, these speakers nearly bested all the other ones I had in this size. I put them up against KLH 17, Speakerlab Model 2, KLH 23, AR 94R, and some very rare excellent sounding Satterberg speakers.
These Onkyos beat them all beside maybe the Satterberg -- the Satterberg has better detail but the Onkyo has this really pleasant warm bass that is just so enjoyable to listen to. These 2 way speakers, with an aluminum dome radiator tweeter and a 12" woofer are perfect for the bedroom system. There is an adjustable control for tweeter.

Listening to these speakers was a great reminder that for the frugal enthusiast who is willing to do their research and has time and patience, you can really build a wonderful sounding system for next to nothing. The one downside of these speakers is the cabinets are kind of cheap feeling, they still look nice, but don't have the same build quality as some similar quality speakers -- I read something about this being because Onkyo was trying to reduce shipping weight at the time. The highs are rather sensitive to poorly recorded material, and its very easy for the tweeter to sound bad with a sub bar recording I have found.

I like these speakers so much that I plan to do a restoration on them. I have the grills with emblems but the fabric is shot -- I also want to take these apart and recap and clean the tweeter controls. I will try and post some pictures as I work on these. Just wanted to add a little more info on these to the community as a feel they shouldn't be overlooked for their size and cost. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/onkyo-model-160-speakers.877833/

Note: There are some snags on the grills, one more than the other.

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