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Start Your Own Marketing Business (SaaS) (Baltimore)

Hey everyone!

My name is Michael Barnard but you can call me - I'm a 26 year old digital marketer and help over 200+ grow their online business. In times like these it's very important for everyone to begin working on creating an online income as one day you may depend on it. Plus, I teach you how to automate and get everything done for you.

Many people believe that they need to have a special skill such as (social media management, web development, video editing, photo editing, graphic design, paid advertising) but at the end of the day all you need to do is create an agency, recruit the providers of the service above and make sales for things you don't personally do.

There is a lot of talent that is available and I teach you on how to outreach, get them to work on a pay per project sale that you can charge anything you want for (within reason). As long as the service provider gets their fair share they will be happy you made money. This turns into monthly projects from businesses, entrepreneurs and more who need the services but must go through you to get the job done. At that point you oversee the project, communicate with the client and make sure the project is delivered on time.

So how do I help?

I work with you on creating a digital marketing agency brand online (whether you want to use your personal brand or a business brand) or both..

I help you by:

Step 1: Creating a brand identity (logo, name of brand, what your mission is, what service(s) you want to sell.
Step 2: Claiming all applicable social channels, web domain and email.
Step 3: Creating your website and website optimization strategy.
Step 4: Connecting payment processors to your website (paypal, stripe, etc.)
Step 5: Create your content strategy
Step 6: Create your outreach strategy (how we find service providers)
Step 7: Create your pricing/sales strategy (how we find a niche business that needs help)
Step 8: Create your influencer strategy (how are we gonna get big pages to recommend our services)
Step 9: Create your subscription business (how are we gonna lock clients in for monthly residual services)
Step 10: How are we going to automate the process so we can focus on life.

By the end of step 10 you will have a brand identity, website, social strategy, sales strategy and subscription strategy.

All services are for 8 weeks which will allow us to complete Step 1-10.

Join 200+ others looking to grow their online business by receiving life long access to our boss engagement group on Telegram.

I'm a 6 figure yearly earner (see photos) by helping over 850+ people from 11 countries succeed online. The best time to make an online business is yesterday and the second best time is now!

Trust me to man the ship, introduce you to others who are looking to succeed and join my personal mastermind where I will be giving you exclusive social strategies to help grow your business even after my personal services are done for you.

Any one can make their own online business but most think that they need to sell a product which has not only a huge competition but is a big headache when your customers don't receive their product.

Selling as a service (SaaS) is scalable and eventually you can outsource the whole project to live the life you want. Travel, pick up a new hobby, read a new book each day. The opportunities are endless.

I'll be working with 10 new people each month and will be opening up for new business owners starting July 1st.

Please email me for more info, rates, and availability and let's make sure our second half of 2020 is better then the first half.

Thank you for the opportunity and I wish you all a great day!

Respectfully, <- add me on IG!
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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