NOT another laundromat Laundry Business Opportunity! - $59,000

NOT another laundromat Laundry Business Opportunity! 1 thumbnailNOT another laundromat Laundry Business Opportunity! 2 thumbnailNOT another laundromat Laundry Business Opportunity! 3 thumbnailNOT another laundromat Laundry Business Opportunity! 4 thumbnailNOT another laundromat Laundry Business Opportunity! 5 thumbnail
Let's get Clean together...

“If you are viewing this ad, you must have thought of operating a laundromat in some capacity. I know because I was in your shoes. Searching online at multiple businesses for sale websites to takeover a cash cow business where I could just sit back and count my quarters! Unfortunately, my search came up empty as the inventory available were either priced too high or would involve too much additional capital to update the business. And unless you had an extra $300,000 - $1M lying around (which I didn’t) or planned to carry a debt service for the first 10 years of your startup, building a new laundromat was also not an option for me.

I searched for a better way to be part of this multi-billion dollar industry. I found it with the help of Advanced Licensing, a national licensing company that has been putting people in business for themselves since 1982. Together, Aloha Laundry Life was born!” - PT, Founder

Aloha Laundry Life offers a business model to suit various interests and lifestyles. We are changing the customer experience for good with a blend of innovation and excellence in customer care. Clients love our revolutionary system and the smart solutions we have created for everyday inconveniences when it comes to laundry.

If you are looking to be a part of the future, we have an exciting opportunity for you to become a Master Licensee and diversify your income and build your own territory-based network. Territories begin as low as $29,000 based upon population.

As an Aloha Laundry Life Master Licensee, you will NOT have to wash any laundry. Rather, you will receive residual income from every single laundry load completed in your territory. We offer an opportunity designed to give you the freedom and stability you need to pursue your financial dreams.

Here’s how it works:
- Customers choose the services they need and the closest available wash and fold operator in their area and schedule a pick-up on our exclusive Aloha Laundry Life Platform.
- The wash, dry, and fold operator will pick up the laundry at the customer’s location.
- The operator proceeds to a nearby Laundromat of their choice to wash, dry, and fold the customer’s laundry.
- After that, the operator delivers the clean, dry, and folded laundry back to the customer, who then makes the payment on the app.

It’s as easy as that.
Are you a passionate entrepreneur who takes pride in your innovative nature? Become a licensee. Get in touch today and discover how great Dirty Laundry is!

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