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Let's face it. Having a social media profile with just a handful of likes or followers hurts you more than it helps.

Your social media presence is how you display yourself -- and your brand -- to the world, and if the numbers just aren't there, it immediately undermines your credibility.

On the flip side, having a Facebook fan page or Twitter profile page with thousands of likes does the opposite, lending an immediate air of legitimacy to your brand.

Everyone knows this. And that's why there are so many services out there that promise to give you thousands of followers for a few dollars. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Services like that are fake. And even worse, using bots and other forms of banned software puts your accounts at risk of being shut down.

That's why we created the Social Network Jumpstart Program.

Using real, authentic promotional strategies, we'll run promotions that drip-feed your pages to our audience over a time course of 10-30 days, driving REAL, organic followers and likes to your social media profile.

Social Media Boost Services - Jumpstart your social media page(s)

💥 Facebook

Likes/Fans for your page

- 500 Facebook Likes - $105

- 1,000 Facebook Likes - $125

- 1,500 Facebook Likes - $165

- 2,000 Facebook Likes - $195

💥 Twitter

Twitter followers

- 1,500 Twitter Followers - $77

- 2,500 Twitter Followers - $110

- 3,500 Twitter Followers - $135

- 4,500 Twitter Followers - $159

💥 Instagram

Instagram Followers

1,000 Instagram Followers - $89

1,500 Instagram Followers - $109

2,000 Instagram Followers - $129

2,500 Instagram Followers - $140

When it comes to social media boost services, all likes and followers will be random people from all over the country. We don't make them buy from you or guarantee you "more sales."

You ask why would you just get random likes and/or followers? Here are few reasons WHY...

- The potential clients / customers / fans that you really want typically only like and follow pages that have BIG numbers

- BIG numbers communicates to people that you're a successful business (or seem that way)

- Most people want to go along with the crowd; this is called "the herd effect"

If you want to simply inflate your numbers, inquire to get more likes and followers for your social networks!


How are you able to get me so many Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Instagram followers?

This is done through a network of partners all over social media who are able to broadcast your Facebook fanpage, Twitter page and Instagram page to literally millions of online users. This is called mass potential customer reach. In addition to that, we use software that has mass follow/unfollow options. In other words, this software can allow your Twitter and Instagram account to follow as many people as you want and unfollow all of the people who are not following back. To acquire the numbers that you want, we broadcast your brand/business to as much online users as possible in order to get the fastest turnaround possible. Techniques such as PPC ads, posting on high traffic websites and social media platforms, incentive based marketing, and other ethical proprietary methods are also employed as well. This provides you with enough social exposure and attracts potential customers towards your business.

Why would anyone want followers that are random and not targeted specifically to someone's niche?

It's simple. Some people just want BIG numbers. Big numbers makes anyone's social media account look good. Whenever people see your Facebook page Twitter page and/or Instagram page and see that you have X amount of likes/followers, there's more of a likelihood that they will like/follow your page because the perception is you have a great product that sells or you make great music or you provide quality services and so on and so forth. People also like to be part of something that's big and are more inclined to like/follow so they can "fit in." This is called the "herd effect."Long story short, most people like to go along so whoever's purchasing nationwide and/or global doesn't necessarily need (or want) to have targeted likes/follows as long as they have a lot of people liking their Facebook fanpage, following their Twitter page and/or following their Instagram page . When people see the big numbers, it will automatically attract people who can actually be a potential customer/client/fan/follower of what you do.

When I purchase social media followers, is there a guarantee that I will get more business/make more sales/make more money?

With simple Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram follower acquisition, there is never a guarantee. We make no promises to people that the people who like and follow their pages will interact with them and/or give them business. Our job is to simply give you bigger numbers. Maintaining likes and follows and ensuring sales is something we can do but this would require a bigger budget to hire us around the clock to make this happen. What separates us from the competition is we acquire REAL people while other businesses are using software to create bots. A lot of these bots are faceless and in most cases are spam. With us, real people will like/follow your social media accounts which means they will act on their own accord and can decide to unlike/unfollow at any given time. When it comes to our social media follower acquisition service, we can't make people give you more business however if you want more engagement, social media marketing and management services is what you'd need. Social media marketing and social media management are broad terms that encompasses engagement, campaigns, blog/article marketing, social bookmarking, social analytics, maintenance, and some forms of traditional advertising. We do offer all of the following to businesses who have the budget required to yield the results that they want. Contact us and give us as much in-depth information as possible to see what your needs are and we will get back to you with a quote and an outline/strategy of how we can help you attain the results you desire.

What if I want more engagement/interaction from my followers? Aside from that what if I want more followers who are local and part of my niche?

As stated before, we do offer social media marketing and social media management services to businesses who have a high enough budget required to yield the results that they want. For more targeted users, we focus in on your niche by following/unfollowing people who are involved in your niche and people who are potential customers/clients/fans/followers. This ensures that the targeted likes and followers that you purchase are more likely to interact/respond to your brand/business. If you're able to hire us on a monthly basis, then we can discuss things in more detail. If you want more engagement/interaction instead of just followers, you would need to know that this is not an overnight thing and it takes months to see any results. If you're looking for instant gratification and/or quick sales, then these services simply aren't for you. Just being as transparent and honest as possible.

If I need to amp my numbers up on a more consistent basis, can I hire you to do that?

Yes. Absolutely. If you need a steady increase in your following on a monthly basis, then we can discuss any terms and conditions and negotiate a discounted rate for monthly services. We'll create the social media presence you've been dreaming of. This is a numbers game. We would only like to work with professionals who are serious and have the budget necessary to receive top notch services.

Do you need my account login and password in order to get me likes/follows?

Nope. All that's needed is your URL for your social media account(s).

If I haven't received the number of likes/follows that I purchased, will I get my money back?

Yes. 30-day money back guarantee, if target number purchased isn't reached. If you purchased a certain number of likes/follows and that number isn't acquired within a month, you will get your money back. Once that number is acquired, that completes that order. There will be no refunds after that and no refunds for a drop in numbers because as stated, the numbers fluctuate/change since real people are liking/following you. Your numbers can either drop or go up, but as long as the initial number goal is met anytime within a month's time, we've done our job on our end.

This all sounds great, how do I get started?

All you have to do is choose the amount of likes and/or followers you want and click on the PayPal button. Whether it be through phone, email, Skype, etc. we'll have a correspondence where you can give me your social media account URL. Once payment is received, we will get started right away.

It's time to stop waiting. Get in contact with us today -- and we'll create the social media following you've been dreaming of.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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