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J's SuperTech Mobile Automotive Repair Technician (Some Estimates Free (Baltimore, MD)

Master Automotive Repair Technician. Do you need Extensive Repairs to your Automotive Vehicle? Do you need Brakes Replaced? Repairs to your Charging System? Alternator? Starter? Need any Electrical Repairs? Battery? Wiring Installed? Install Car Radio, Speakers, Car Alarms?

All Forms of Payment are Accepted; Credit cards, Cash, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal and EBT Accepted. No Checks Please. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, Cash and EBT.

I can do any/all General Repairs to your Motor Vehicle. I am Trained in all forms of Automotive Repair. I can do Anything & Everything Automotive that needs to be Repaired. Please understand that my Labor Charge(s)/Costs to you are very reasonable, they will probably be at least $50 to maybe $100 Lower than you would pay in any Automotive Repair Shop. However, I can only Charge but so low, there may be Prices for the same type of Repair, if done on the Street by so called Back Alley/Parking Lot Mechanics, which may be called Street Prices, which may be somewhat lower than my own Price. But those prices aren't your total, actual Labor Costs, I offer a Level of Quality & Workmanship for Repairing your Vehicle, that can't be judged by the Cost of How Low my Labor Costs are, to fix your vehicle problems and not create new issues. I Repair Vehicles because I enjoy what I do, NOT because I have some Drug Habit or Drug Addiction to Support.

So this means, if you're looking for an Automotive Technician or a Mechanic, to do some automotive repair work or diagnosis on your vehicle as cheaply as you can get or afford, or if you want to haggle every dollar. Then you should move on, because you can't afford my services, training and help. I am very thorough at what I do, I am providing you with a service for a reasonable price, and I am not looking to just make money and move on. I am looking to make lasting relationships with customers, so that they can have a Reliable Technician that they themselves can always call and count on, and they themselves are willing to pay for my expert knowledge, and I myself am willing to work within most budgets, just as long as it isn't Stupidly Ridiculous .

Ask for Jamall. Please Call, Text or Contact Me at my Mobile Phone Number of: (443) 455-2299 anytime, ask for Jamall. If you don't get me at this mobile phone number; then please leave a detailed voice message, with your Full Name & Contact Telephone Number, and I will return your call later after I receive your voice message. You can call me most hours of the day; the call is free.

If you bring the vehicle to me, then I won't charge you Extra Money for my opinion, time and/or Repairs or Replace a Part on your vehicle and/or to diagnose the problem. However, if I myself do have to come to your location and/or home to either make Repairs or Replace a Part on your vehicle and/or to diagnose the problem; then there will be a small cost for inspecting or diagnosing possible repairs needed to a vehicle. Such small costs are usually charged for Fuel/Gas and a Reasonable Amount of Time given to Diagnose & Run Tests to determine what's wrong with your Vehicle; and usually amount to a Minimum $30 or $50 Dollars, if the vehicle is located somewhere within Baltimore City and/or Baltimore's Closest Counties. Not Sure? Have Automotive Repair Questions, then just Call Me, Jamall at: #(443) 455-2299.

Add in a Small Charge for Fuel, along with your Labor Charge, and it may cost a little more for the Convenience of doing the Repair at your home. So give me a call; You wont be disappointed in giving me a call. I do excellent work, and customer satisfaction is my first priority. I am Reliable, and I will do my Best to Help You. I am not some "Fly-By-Night Operation". So call me at (443) 455-2299, just ask for Jamall.

For individuals needing and wanting Automotive Repair Quotes for Labor Costs for their particular vehicle; I advise that you to First personally Google and/or Internet Search the Actual Labor Costs of the Repair You Need & Want Before You Personally Contact Me. That way you already have an Idea of what Your Automotive Repair is likely to Cost You to have it Done. This way, you yourself are not Alarmed nor Offended that I am charging you way to much for your repair; and you Don't Offend Me by Mistakenly Believing that my Services and Expertise to your vehicle is Outrageously Cheap!

Then after you yourself have already Googled or Internet Searched the Actual Labor Repair Costs of the Repair for your Vehicle, then I advise you to personally Call & Speak With Me, because actual Labor Repair Costs do vary depending upon certain factors, like for example: Year, Make & Model of your Vehicle; Difficulty of Repair, Damage to Vehicle due to other, Missing Components, or Other Damaged or Connected Parts, etcetera. And while my Labor Costs for you Repair will probably be significantly Lower than most other Independent Automotive Repair Shops, they will Never be as Low Nor Cheap as the neighborhood Drug Addict, because I am a Professional ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, I do Quality Work, and my Customer's Vehicle and Satisfaction is Important Enough for me to Earn. And more importantly, I Do Not Get High nor Have Any Drug Addictions.

Nevertheless, for those still wanting Repair Labor Costs Quotes for their vehicle, without first talking personally to me, here are some examples below of what I charge for a specific repair (Remember, Labor Repair Costs Due Vary Depending Upon other Particular Factors; and may be actually Lower or Higher Than I have listed below):


Installation of After-Market Car Radios/Car Alarms/Vehicle Electronic Devices: $75 Dollars to $150 Dollars

Intake Manifold/Head Gasket Replacement: $150 + Dollars or More, depending upon vehicle design

Ignition Coil Replacement and/or Spark Plug Replacement: $40 Dollars to $80 Dollars

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement: $40 Dollars to $70 Dollars

O2 (Oxygen Sensor) Replacement: $40 Dollars to $65 Dollars

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve: $60 Dollars to $85 + Dollars depending upon vehicle design

Catalytic Converter Replacement/Exhaust/Muffler Components: $125 + Dollars or More, depending upon vehicle design

Transmission Fluid Replacement/Flush: $80 Dollars to $150 Dollars

Radiator Replacement: $100 + Dollars or More, depending upon vehicle design

Water Pump Replacement: $120 Dollars or More Depending Upon Vehicle

Suspension System Replacement Shock & Struts: $100 + Dollars or More, Depending Upon Vehicle

Lower Control Arms/Upper Control Arms: $125 + Dollars or More, Depending Upon Vehicle

Ball Joints: $95 Dollars to $125+ Dollars Depending Upon Vehicle

Rack & Pinion: $250 Dollars to $350 + Dollars Depending Upon Vehicle

Tie Rod Ends (Inner or Outer): $40 Dollars to $85 Dollars

Wheel Bearings or Hub Bearings (Depending Upon Type Varies) Press In: $150 Dollars or More Depending Upon Vehicle

Brake System Work (Rotors/Brake Shoes/Brake Pads): $50 Dollars to $80 Dollars

Vehicle Door Unlocking or Vehicle Entry (Like Pop-a-Lock): $50 Dollars; Maybe More if Travel Distance is Great

Vehicle Key Programming or ECM/BCM Programming: $80 Dollars; Possibly More for Extended Time

Electrical Diagnosis and/or Scanner Tool of ECM/BCM, Check Engine Light, DTC Codes due vary in Costs depending upon what needs to be done. However, basic services of a Diagnosis Scanner may be FREE or a nominal Cost of $30 or $50 Dollars from Time/Fuel/Travel.

However, remember that Labor Repair Costs Do Vary Depending Upon other Particular Factors; and may be actually Be Lower or Higher Than I have listed here. These are Only an Average of Estimates; they're not "Written In Stone", so it's best that you call me first and ask, after you've looked it up and researched it yourself first. I am an Honest and Fair Automotive Technician, I won't price gouge you, steal your money, or charge you for repairs that you don't need. But I do have to charge a Labor Cost that is Reasonable and Fair Enough for All Persons Involved. I am able to Work Out something for my Customer's that they can feel comfortable paying and which they can Afford to have done to their vehicle, but I don't Do Cheap and I Don't Do Labor Costs that would keep me awake at night. So Call Me at: (443) 455-2299.

In addition, there may be some "Limited Towing of Vehicle" to the Garage/Shop, if needed. Such "Limited Towing of Vehicle", may be Included in the Cost of the Repairs. Or Limited Towing may be available at a "Reduced Cost"; however, "Limited Towing of Vehicle" is only Available at my own Discretion, and is used Solely for the Purpose of having Repair Work done to the vehicle by me. And only if the vehicle can't move under its own power. You can ask what "Limited Towing" may be available, if needed.

All Forms of Payment are Accepted; Credit cards, Cash, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal and EBT Accepted. No Checks Please. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, Cash and EBT.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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